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spobeda -> Web Publishing and Authentication with AD (13.Nov.2008 12:59:20 PM)


I have the application that have the web service (in Java) that allow me post this application as son as web page.

I have the site that need to be access across to internet but the only people that can use this site, have to be member the Active Directory Group in my domain.

When i create the web publishing rule, in the Tab Users i put the AD group name that would have access.

Whe i enter the site, the internet explorer show me the logon windows for enter mi domain\username and password, and enters ok, after that, the application show me the application logon for enter my application user and password but the Isa show me the next error:

Technical Information (for support personnel)
    Error Code: 401 Unauthorized. The server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web server is denied. Contact the server administrator. (12209)

Any idea =?


Jason Jones -> RE: Web Publishing and Authentication with AD (14.Nov.2008 10:16:07 AM)

What delegation method are you using?

What is the internal web server / application?

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