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nexustek -> Connecting to a website using non-standard ports (4.Dec.2008 2:02:25 PM)


I'm having a problem with one of my clients who uses an ISA 2000 Server as it's firewall.  We are trying to get computers on the network to connect to a website using non-standard ports (8179, 8219, and 8220).  This is a requirement by the people hosting the site.  They are also filtering based on IP and we have verified that they have the correct external IP to allow. 

Here are the facts concerning the server/network:

1.) We have 3 rules to allow the ports required
2.) The server can get to the website in question on all 3 ports, but cannot get to any other website (,, etc)
3.) There is a persistent VPN connection from the server to the UK (where the site is hosted)
4.) No client server or workstation can get to the site in question, but can get to any other site on the internet
5.) All clients are able to telnet the site address using any standard port
6.) We created a test site on one of our servers, opened up the 3 ports, and could successfully connect to the site using any computer on the network
7.) If we set the ISA server as it's own proxy, it can get to any other site, but not the site in question.

I'm banging my head against a wall here as I'm not very versed in ISA 2000.  Any help will be very appreciated.  Let me know if there is any other information I can provide.


SteveMoffat -> RE: Connecting to a website using non-standard ports (19.Mar.2009 8:03:47 AM)

Which is the primary connection?

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