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thermann -> ISA configuration for Ninetndo Wii (6.Dec.2008 2:33:11 PM)

I have been running ISA 2000 for many years now at home and have been able to figure everything out with Tom S's 2000/Beyond books but this problem has pulled most of my hair out.  I need to get my son's Wii game working thru ISA so he can play his games online.  It appears that 4 TCP ports need to be opened which I have done but in addition Nintendo states that you need to allow UDP traffic to all destinations.  My question is how do I set up a protocol definition for all ports so I can use the definition with a access policy and publishing rule to forward to just the ip of the Wii?

Am I better off with a global "allow all" to just the Wii's ip address or add a third nic and create a DMZ for the Wii?

Thanks in advance.

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