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Zindros -> Radio streaming (16.Dec.2008 12:41:50 PM)

Vista and XP clients need to listen to Radio over Internet. There is an ISA 2006 that checks incoming traffic.

I opened RTSP (TCP 554, UDP 5004, 5005 & MMS (TCP 1755, UDP 1755) from External to internal networks for all users.

When I monitor the live traffic I get a message : ...Initiated connection RTSP port 554 ... and after that I get the message ...Closed connection RTSP port 554

Any ideas what is wrong ?

tshinder -> RE: Radio streaming (17.Dec.2008 11:52:57 AM)

Is this an inbound or outbound access control issue? Your message indicates that you have created publishing rules allowing connections from External to Internal.


Zindros -> RE: Radio streaming (17.Dec.2008 12:24:30 PM)

Yes, thats right. The access rule I added is from EXTERNAL to INTERNAL network.

Isn't correct ?

tshinder -> RE: Radio streaming (19.Dec.2008 9:33:45 AM)

That will only work if you have a ROUTE Network Rule connecting Internal to External.


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