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gizmagis -> ISA 2006 & F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper (27.Dec.2008 3:34:15 PM)

Hi all !

Does anybody has a clue how to set up / configure ISA 2006 & FSIGK 6.61? Does they have to be each on their own server or can they be on the same host. I already tried both, i read all forums and threads that i found but i always got the same **** errorr.

FSIGK does not allow me to go "online" from PCs in the network, the error is: "F-Secure Anti-Virus for Internet Gateway cannot allow your access. Either you are not allowed to access this proxy server or you have tried to access a web site which is banned by your administrator.".

I created a webcaching rule on ISA (isa is the listener for HTTP - i hope/think) to redirect traffic to upstream proxy, i also defined rules in firewall section, but my PCs in the network can't go to the internet. The firewall log shows nothing special, no denies...

Thanks guys...

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