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zaibee -> Sharepoint publishing Issue (26.Jan.2009 5:52:19 AM)


I am implemented reverse proxy and created a sharepoing publishing rule.  
But when I log on to from external network I dont get a reply back. By looking at the monitoring logs I can see the external IP hitting the ISA server but the https connection is denied.
Rule : Enterprise default rule
source internal
destination localhost
protocol https

I can see there are lots of denied connection for netbios are refused even i have created a rule to allow https and netbios from any network to anywhere but still it gives me that error

Any ideas?

zaibee -> RE: Sharepoint publishing Issue (26.Jan.2009 7:24:51 AM)

checking the configuration it says that server configuration does not match the configuration storage server configuration?

I cant even uninstall ISA2006 now as it says that the array is not connected with configuration storage manager.

Any ideas?

Boedus -> RE: Sharepoint publishing Issue (26.Jan.2009 7:35:12 AM)

When you have this type of error with ISA Server that is most probably because you have not changed the Alternate Acces Mapping settings on MOSS.
Use this as a reference to change the MOSS settings

Basically the FQDN you are using on ISA has to be the same as the one used on MOSS. Otherwise name mismatch and ISA is no happy.

Do this for both, HTTP and HTTPS links


zaibee -> RE: Sharepoint publishing Issue (26.Jan.2009 10:27:09 AM)

i have checked the MOSS and FQDN setting and all seems ok.

I can even browse internet , error 12211?

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