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wintercall -> Question about different Logging (9.Feb.2009 7:02:13 AM)

Hi at all,

i need your help.
Problem is:
I 've got 2 user groups. in group 1 logging is allowed, in group 2 logging isn't allowed.
I set one rule in which the check box for logging isn't enabled. but it is still logging entries.
I have to fix this problem.
Is there a possibility to solve my problem in such a way?

thanks for help

Dumber -> RE: Question about different Logging (9.Feb.2009 7:47:14 AM)

Are there other differences between those rules except the logging?

wintercall -> RE: Question about different Logging (9.Feb.2009 9:20:18 AM)

I made different membergroups.
But it dosen't work. Everything was logged. So i thought it must be another way to solve this Problem....

I made groups for Users who should be logged and groups for those user who should not be logged.
I thought that it is enough to set not the check Box in the "action" "Anforderungen protokollieren, die mit dieser Regel übereinstimmen"
"Logging requirements, which usually coincide with this"

Dumber -> RE: Question about different Logging (9.Feb.2009 9:35:11 AM)

Maybe both groups contain the same members?
Try swapping the rule order.

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