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kpersons -> Smartfilter and Automatic configuration and IE (11.Feb.2009 9:39:58 AM)

We are running ISA 2004 sp3 on w2k3 standard with an enterprise array.  We have smartfilter 4.2.1.  We are running into issues when browsing to certain sites smartfilter is blocking portions of the page replacing with a red "x" and with IE set to automatic configuration for proxy settings.  We are using the WPAD via DHCP and IE6.  When we switch IE to use a proxy server and enter the proper proxy server dns entry and uncheck automatic config those sites work.  An example of a site is and the buttons would turn to red "x's" and when clicked get page can not be displayed.  With auto config unchecked and the proxy entered, the buttons work and the pages appear.  I opened a case with MS they say its a smartfilter problem, I have a case with smartfilter and currently  getting no where.

glucas -> RE: Smartfilter and Automatic configuration and IE (11.Feb.2009 10:27:47 AM)


It doesn't surprise me to hear Microsoft say this as they generally will blame anything except their own products. We have a similar setup to what you do and I have had some problems in the past with Smartfilter, upgrading to the latest version fixed it for me but yet I still can get the customisable block pages to work correctly.

I wonder what browser you are using and are you sure this isn't something to do with graphics files in general, eg. jpg/gif associations missing within the o/s? When you rick click on the red X's where the files should have been what are the properties of the file? Might be worth using Firefox for example just to see if you get the same results.

How long ago did this happen and is this something you have experienced after a config change or upgrade?


kpersons -> RE: Smartfilter and Automatic configuration and IE (11.Feb.2009 10:35:03 AM)

Thanks for the response.  We are using the latest version of smartfilter and IE6 with latest updates.  Firefox also see's the same issues if use auto config for proxy settings.  The problem started right after we push the auto config to all IE users via a GPO.

glucas -> RE: Smartfilter and Automatic configuration and IE (11.Feb.2009 10:56:48 AM)

Ok are you using the latest GPO policies that Microsoft released for Win2K3? It sounds very GPO related IMHO. I wonder how many workstations we are talking about here?


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