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bce -> Publish Web server -reverse proxy HTTPS and HTTP (4.Mar.2009 2:00:59 PM)

Tried to find som answers on the other treads but i couldn't find any good answers.
My case:

Have an internal web site (IIS) published through ISA 2006 reverse Proxy.
I wish to use SSL from internet client to the ISA server. Between ISA server and Web site, only HTTP traffic (port 80)

When I publish the web site without SSL - only use http, everyting works fine and I can reach the internal web site.
When I add HTTPS - the web site cannot be found. All Certificates are installed fine and says it's ok.

My configuration when HTTPS are active
Web - Listner:
  • Enable HTTP connections on port 80
  • Enable (SSL) HTTPS connections onport 443
  • Redirect all traffic from http to https

Use a wildcard certificate from DigiCert. Installed on ISA server. Use a single certificate for this Web Listner

No authentication
Only one NIC

Web Server is selected,
Redirect request to HTTP port: 80

Nothing else special configuration in the rule.
Can anyone help me?

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