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nabu32 -> [Solved] A single web listener for OWA, OA and ActiveSync? (19.Mar.2009 8:09:59 AM)


Assuming that ISA 2006 SP1 is in a Workgroup situation, and LDAPS is being used to talk to the Domain Controllers. Can a single Web Listener be used using Basic Authentication to publish all three Exchange services?

I currently have OWA and ActiveSync running fine, but Outlook Anywhere client does not seem to be able to contact the Exchange Server, after being prompted for credentials it bombs out with a 'name cannot be resolved' message. ISA logs RPC_OUT_DATA as allowed, RPC_IN_DATA as connection attempt failed and the connection seemingly drops. I think the way that RPC over HTTP works this may not necessarily be an error though.

If I use IE and hit the public interface with https://PublicURL/rpc/rpcproxy.dll, I get prompted and I can see entries logged on Exchange in the RPC Virtual Site.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated - Am I trying to configure something that is not possible?



Jason Jones -> RE: A single web listener for OWA, OA and ActiveSync? (19.Mar.2009 8:49:32 AM)


You cannot benefit from KCD with workgroup so there is no value in using a dedicated listener for OA (this would remove the password prompt in Outlook). Hence a single listener can be used for all three services; you will get a password prompt in Outlook though...this may not bother you...





SteveMoffat -> RE: A single web listener for OWA, OA and ActiveSync? (19.Mar.2009 11:38:28 AM)

Although keeping it in a workgroup would be damn silly. You should leverage the extra security by making it a domain member.

nabu32 -> RE: A single web listener for OWA, OA and ActiveSync? (2.Apr.2009 10:12:19 PM)


Thanks for your response, sorry for the late reply as I have been out of action for a few weeks.

I am stumped as to what to try next, I have the single web listener, both OWA and ActiveSync are working. Yet Outlook Anywhere just responce with a host not available.

I have OA enabled in Exchange, with Basic Authentication. If I hit the internal network with IE to /rpc/rpcproxy.dll I can see a log entry for the web page and after logging in I get a blank IE screen.

The publishing rule tests OK in ISA.

If I hit the external page, IE reports Error Code 64 Host not available. The connection to the Web server was lost. I can also see the ISA log pass the LDAP user name.

If I deliberately enter in a non-existing user or a wrong password, I am re-prompted for credentials and the user is logged in ISA as Anonymous.

It seems to me that ISA is not passing the traffic to Exchange, though LDAP component is working.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



nabu32 -> RE: A single web listener for OWA, OA and ActiveSync? (7.Apr.2009 9:47:35 AM)

OK as pointed out by Dr. Shinder in one of his posts, not all problems are actually to do with ISA (even though at first it may look to be so), and as it turns out this particular issue I found to exactly be the case.

I have Exchange 2007 which is running on Windows 2008. I took everything back to basics which meant getting Outlook running in OA mode on the local network. I found that it would not connect via HTTPS.

This page (http://www.exchange-genie.com/?s=rpcping), lead to a MS KB 831051 article for troubleshooting RPC using RPC Ping here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/831051

This showed me that RPC for port 6004 (DsProxy) on Exchange was failing...

The workaround is here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc671176.aspx

Apparently RPC component is not able to connect to the DsProxy (port 6004) as it insists on using IPv6, the DsProxy however, is only listening on IPv4 and therefore will never connect.

Now I also happen to be running Exchange 2007 SP1 and have applied Rollup 4, 5 and 6. I am told that this issue apparently was supposed to be addressed in Rollup 4. For me as soon as I applied the workaround mentioned in the technet article above Outlook Anywhere connected using HTTPS locally, and without any changes to ISA started to work for external Outlook clients as well.

Thanks for listening!


SteveMoffat -> RE: A single web listener for OWA, OA and ActiveSync? (7.Apr.2009 11:38:51 AM)

Cool, good find.

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