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neil.kirby@hallite.com -> 2 Exernal NICs (Again!) (24.Mar.2009 6:58:18 AM)

Hi All,

I have a Win2000 box running ISA server 2000 Std. I have managed to arrange a 3 month trial of an AnnexM SDL connection,  what I would like to do is leave the incoming mail on our normal ADSL connection and default ALL other traffic to the new connection, is this possible? Now I have read the forums at length and seen all the answers refering to Rainfinity etc, but I am confused, is this only an issue  if you want multiple default gateways?  The reason I ask is that in Tom's 'Configuring ISA Server 2000' page 210 & 239 it talks about configuring  multiple external interfaces, why would you do that if its not possible at all?  Is another possible answer to get a DSL router that can handle more than one net connection and put that outside the ISA box?
or bearing in mind that this is only for a trial, can anyone offer a better solution? Thanks in advance.

Neil Kirby

SteveMoffat -> RE: 2 Exernal NICs (Again!) (24.Mar.2009 7:34:03 AM)

Not possible without rainfinity, which is no longer available.

One thing you could try is TMG. It has support for 2 ISP connections straight out of the box.

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