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saj1501 -> ISA 2000 Terminal Services Access Problem (27.Mar.2009 11:02:37 AM)

Hi all.  I have an ISA 2000 server which i need to create remote access through for a Terminal Server sitting behind it.  I have created the rules as I believe would work and also checked articles on this site to confirm this and all seems correct. 
The issue I am getting is that I can connect to the T-S, logon using a domain account and then the session freezes and won't accept any input from keyboard or mouse. Othertimes, it will shwo the logon screen but won't allow me to input or I just get a black screen I have tested the t-s by putting it directly on a public ip address so bypassing ISA and all works fine, thus ruling out the no-nat router it is sitting behind. I am using 3389 and a seperate public ip to the isa server. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Steve

pwindell -> RE: ISA 2000 Terminal Services Access Problem (27.Mar.2009 1:00:39 PM)

Use Remote Access VPN.
The ISA's built in help you get you though  that.  It will involve RRAS.

Then run the RDP over the VPN.

Anyone who VPNs will have access tot he LAN.  ISA2000 cannot control VPN Access the way that ISA2004/6 /TMG can do.

saj1501 -> RE: ISA 2000 Terminal Services Access Problem (21.Apr.2009 3:36:59 AM)

Hi Phillip,

Thanks for your reply.  I will try what you suggest.
Best wishes,

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