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jsuknaic -> Additional ISA 2006 server on network (1.Apr.2009 11:29:15 AM)

I am planning on standing up an ISA 2006 server on my network.  I currently have one in place however, the hardware appears to be failing and due to motherboard issues I cannot even access the server any longer, but it is still running.

I wanted to setup another ISA 2006 server on this network in a single NIC configuration for web proxy only.  My question is this:  If I install ISA 2006 on the same network and apply the web proxy template will it automatically not allow my other computers on the network to get to the internet via the existing ISA 2006 server?  In other words, if I do install it, will it prevent the existing computers from accessing the existing ISA 2006 server even though in their IE configurations I am pointing them to the existing ISA 2006 server?

Just asking because I do not want to take down our internet access.  Any help is appreciated.


pwindell -> RE: Additional ISA 2006 server on network (2.Apr.2009 12:31:51 PM)

It doesn't matter if you have 150 ISA Servers on your LAN, the clients will use the one they are configured to use,...or they will use the one the WPAD Autodetection instructs them to use.

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