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jimmyp1983 -> Your 2004 book... (8.Apr.2009 3:02:37 PM)

I just want to commend you on doing such a good job with this book.  I read the MS Press book twice, and didn't pull out as much information as I did from reading half of yours.  I have my test scheduled for the 15th.  Wish me luck!  Also, where are the articles on Enterprise edition?

jimmyp1983 -> RE: Your 2004 book... (12.Apr.2009 3:02:16 PM)

I'm just looking for the bonus chapter...

tshinder -> RE: Your 2004 book... (20.Apr.2009 9:27:10 AM)

Hi Jimmy,

Send me a note at and I'll see if I can get the bonus chapter to you.


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