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Charlie8 -> Page cannot be displayed until refresh (F5) (19.Apr.2009 2:34:14 AM)

hi there, not sure if this post is meant to go in this section or not, so appologies if it is incorrectly placed.

Certain users receive a "Page cannot be displayed" when first launching IE6 SP2 via terminal services. This is for any external site, regardless of content. Hitting refresh (F5) or the GO button corrects the issue and the page loads immediately.

Relevant Info:
- Users access IE via terminal servers forwarding requests to ISA 2006.
- Internal pages load perfectly, first time.
- If the users sets homepage to an internal page, then from there navigates to any external page, it works fine.
- If the user sets homepage to "about:blank", the error occurs for the first external page they attempt to access, then with refreshing it works fine.
- Issue is independant of Group Policy, or permission levels. Have moved users to OU with no group policy; have added user to domain admin group etc - no change, first attempt (external only) is always "page cannot be displayed", then fine with refresh.
- Have cleared the users temp IE files etc - no change
- Version is IE6 SP2 6.0.3790.3959 on W2K3 R2 SP2 Terminal Server via ISA 2006 Standard
- There are no errors in the ISA event log

I don't think issue is DNS related for two reasons:
1) nslookup from the users session works fine and fast - everytime.
2) when the user launches IE, the status bar reads "Connecting to site <correct ip>" and then fails.

Another interesting fact is that while monitoring connections on ISA, when the user launches IE and waits for the homepage to load (which fails), nothing registers with ISA. When the user hits refresh or the GO button, the page then loads and connections can be seen in the ISA monitoring screen. It's as though the connection does not reach ISA the first time a user attempts to visit an external site.

Where to from here?

SteveMoffat -> RE: Page cannot be displayed until refresh (F5) (19.Apr.2009 6:47:17 AM)

Are your PC's SecreNAT, FW or WEB PROXY clients?

Are you using DNS forwarders?

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