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Ashokk001 -> activesync publishing on exchange 2007 (22.Apr.2009 6:21:39 AM)

Hello all,

I'm looking to get active sync working so our mobile devices can sync with exchange 2007 externally using activesync. After reading various threads and other various websites on the net it is clear that we need a SAN certificate for our exchange server. This is not a problem we will be doing this. What i need to know is that can i use the same external URL for OWA and ActiveSync i.e.

The reason i ask is that we have ISA server 2004 STD edition with SP3 that will be publishing both services - OWA and ActiveSync. The problem here is that ISA 2004 does not support the use of SAN and always processes the first entry in the SAN cert. I just to want know if the above will work with isa 2004 or not as i don't want to part with my cash on a solution that may not work.
I'm looking to get a SAN cert as follows:

I'm also looking to publish Outlook anywhere but this will be with another certificate (because of the SAN cert issue).
Any thoughts.

The mobile devices will be most mobile phones with active sync support etc and some windows mobile devices.



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