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create_share -> Single NIC DNS (6.May2009 7:20:17 AM)


Can anybody tell me what should be the Network Card dns settings in case of a single nic on isa 2006 which is joined to the domain. Should the DNS point to internal network (DNS Server) or external (isp)?


paulo.oliveira -> RE: Single NIC DNS (6.May2009 7:29:32 AM)


if the internal DNS server can resolve both names (internal and external), then it should point to internal DNS.

Paulo Oliveira.

Dumber -> RE: Single NIC DNS (6.May2009 8:12:36 AM)

Since the ISA server is joined to the domain it should point to the Internal DNS server(s)
Your internal DNS server should be able to resolve external DNS requests.
For this, your Internal Firewall (whatever it is) should be configured to allow DNS requests from your internal DNS server.

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