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imran205 -> FTP Issue (7.May2009 7:47:28 AM)

Hi All

We are using ISA server 2004. One of the user is using flash fxp software for ftp upload. The user is set as Firewall and web proxy. I have uncheck the read only option in ftp filter. The problem is that  user can connect to the ftp site but unable to upload the files. Because it is giving an error 550: Access is denied

The rule is allow ---> ftp and ftp server ----> from internal to external---> all users

Please help in this regard

pwindell -> RE: FTP Issue (20.May2009 3:00:53 PM)

The FTP Software must not try to "borrow" the browser's proxy settings.

The FTP Software must not be configured to use a proxy at all in any way,..it must operate as if the ISA does not exist.

The Firewall Client will take care of it from there.

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