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vuvur -> Web farm settings - internal name (7.May2009 11:14:56 AM)

Hi everybody,

I'm publishing OWA2007 on ISA2006sp1. I have 2 CAS servers, which form NLB cluster in internal network. For internet publishing I'd like to use Web farm on ISA side (I have no problem with publishing single cas server in this scenario).

Both CAS servers (cas01, cas02) currently share the same certificate (nlb01). This name is used as an internal name on web farm tab in exchange publishing rule. The certificate is installed on the ISA server.

Connectivity verifier shows OK status for both servers in the farm (port 443 is verified). Nevertheless the test button shows red cross with usual "name is valid, but no content"..

HOSTS file is used for name resolution, there are entries for nlb01, cas01, cas02. Original host header is used (mymail01 - internet name for owa), which is also configured as an external link on both cas servers. For internal link I've tried both cas01, 02 names and nlb01 name.

I've also tried the same configuration, but with 2 different certificates for cas servers (cas01 and cas02). As the webfarm internal name the name cas01 was used. It seemed to me rather weird, so I changed the configuration to use the single cert.

The question: what is wrong? How should I bring the farm up?

Jason Jones -> RE: Web farm settings - internal name (7.May2009 6:28:47 PM)

This may help explain...




vuvur -> RE: Web farm settings - internal name (8.May2009 5:54:59 AM)

Hi Jason,

I've read it beforehand...
(1) we use original host header, NOT the internal name.

(2) no idea how link translation can influence the OWA.

It could probably have sence, but I have no guess what to place in internal name, since I have 2 servers (cas01 and cas02) in farm: which is to be translated? in what name? We have 4 names: external (mymail01), 2 internals (cas01 and 02), name on certificate on both servers (nlb01). The first and the last have more sence for me, but with the last it doesn't work and the first is the original host header. Should I also set smth on the link translation page? It is simply enable by default.

(3) yes, we use https to https bridging.
-The scenario with a single cert (single cert on both servers) with the name on cert (nlb01) as internal name was tested - doesn't work (but browser access to owa site with this name works from isa server).
-The scenario with unique cert for each server - I don't understand what is to be done, what internal name to use.

(4) the names are resolved...

could you pls comment, what to do in my particular situation?

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