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vihashim -> Block U 94 service (11.May2009 9:21:22 AM)

in our organization some users are using u94.exe for accessing unauthorized can i block this service in my ISA server2006.pls help me

paulo.oliveira -> RE: Block U 94 service (11.May2009 9:57:26 AM)


I saw this "issue" in another forum and got my attention. Well, I resolved to test this software and see how to block it!

So, I tried to download it from the following web site:

But I couldnīt, because when I downloaded it, my anti-virus identified it as HKTL_USURFE.

So I downloaded it as a Firefox add-on, but I couldnīt use it. I checked on developerīs website and found this:

11. Some companies block port 9666, which is used by UltraSurf, how do I bypass it?
A: 9666 is local port. We will add an option to let users set the port.


So, are you allowing this port?

Paulo Oliveira.

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