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bolong69 -> event ID:15120 (11.May2009 9:37:53 PM)

Dear ISA guru's,

Need help about the messages mentioned above.

"The number of concurrent TCP connections from the source IP address xxx.xx.xx.xx exceeded the configured limit. As a result, ISA Server will not allow the creation of new TCP connections from this source IP. This IP address probably belongs to an attacker or an infected host. See product documentation for more info about ISA flood resiliency."
Can someone explain this and give some workaround? It sound to me that one of my internal client PC has virus, I allready scanned the said computer and found nothing but still the warning appear everytime she log-in on my network.

Any help are appreciated..



Dumber -> RE: event ID:15120 (12.May2009 5:15:45 AM)

What kind of computer is that? What software is it running.
It sounds to me that the Flood mitigation has kicked in for that computer.

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