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srjshiva -> Block download (22.May2009 10:29:32 AM)


Have enabled Download Block rule to block downloads on content basis-compressed/audio/video etc.Rule has been enabled above all allow access.The same has been successful.But have found some issues.Able to block exe,zip etc from the website but not able to when it redirects to another .


Able to

But not able to when the download is redirected from to another website as

This is common for many website.

Any suggestion?

elmajdal -> RE: Block download (22.May2009 12:06:22 PM)


You can use the HTTP filter to block by extensions as well , check this article : Blocking Desired Extensions & Content Types

srjshiva -> RE: Block download (24.May2009 10:08:27 AM)

Thanks a lot.Will check & revert.

srjshiva -> RE: Block download (25.May2009 3:08:36 AM)


Thanks for the valuable suggestion.This works well with HTTP,But not with HTTPS.
Is there anything i have missed to do.Kindly advice

elmajdal -> RE: Block download (25.May2009 4:20:16 AM)


Unfortunately, ISA Server does not filter HTTPS :(

you will need a third party plugin :

However, the good news is that the future build of ISA Server, which is now called TMG and is currently available in Beta 2 for download, does filter the HTTPS tunnel :)

srjshiva -> RE: Block download (25.May2009 5:02:55 AM)


Thanks a lot for all the help.

elmajdal -> RE: Block download (25.May2009 6:32:21 AM)

You are welcome. Anytime [;)]

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