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imran205 -> ISA 2004 VPN Help (9.Jun.2009 9:23:27 AM)

Hi All

I am running ISA Server 2004 on Windows 2003 Server. Everything is working fine. Now my company want one of the user in our site office to connect with our internal web server.
I have enabled VPN client access on ISA server. Now i dont understand the address assignment on VPN general configuration. My internal ip add range is 10.x.x.x and when i add a static pool of this subnet it doesnt accept.
I tried giving 192.168.0.x then it accept it and vpn client can connect. What configuration should i do so that vpn client can connect with the 10.x.x.x ip address and can only access our internal web server.
Please help me in this regard.

paulo.oliveira -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (9.Jun.2009 4:56:17 PM)


check these:

Enabling the ISA Server 2004 VPN Server
Using the ISA Firewall to Configure Granular Access Controls for VPN Clients (Part 1)

Paulo Oliveira.

elmajdal -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (9.Jun.2009 5:26:14 PM)


Lets say your Internal Network Address is from to

if you want to assign VPN clients a static address, you have you take these IPs out from the Internal Network Address range.

so lets say you want to give you VPN clients address from : to

then your Internal Network address range would be : to to

imran205 -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (10.Jun.2009 1:46:18 AM)

Thanks alot for the help . It worked.... and also thanks for the article it was wounderful.

Thanks again!

paulo.oliveira -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (10.Jun.2009 7:43:48 AM)


my pleasure! [;)]

Paulo Oliveira.

imran205 -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (10.Jun.2009 8:56:49 AM)


Getting into further detail, is there any way i can use restriction that only specific user can connect to the VPN Server in terms of location. For example i dont the xyz user to go home and make a VPN connection and using the user and password connects to the company network.

I want to restrict him to the office only. I want to allow only specific public IP to make VPN connection to my network. I hope i am making some sense... Please comments on this ..


paulo.oliveira -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (10.Jun.2009 10:30:26 AM)


it does make sense. You can control from wich IP/network the vpn clients can connect. But you canīt restrict this to an user name.

Excluding Specific Addresses from VPN Source Networks in ISA Server 2004 Regards,Paulo Oliveira.

imran205 -> RE: ISA 2004 VPN Help (11.Jun.2009 7:40:40 AM)

Thanks again!!

It was very helpful.


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