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cam1980 -> bypass ISA for VPN (13.Jul.2009 6:17:25 PM)

I am unfamiliar with ISA but have been tasked with getting a vpn up and running at a location. Usually I use a cisco pix or asa, access their internet using a client IP and establish a dynamic vpn on my company's side.

The site I am currently working at has all their traffic passing through an ISA server before it goes out to their internet connection.

Is there a way to bypass a single IP address through the ISA server entirely? I have looked through the isa server and have tried to set it up, but so far no luck.

The ISA server is setup with dual nic for incoming and outgoing.

I would like to assign the asa outside interface with an IP provided by the client, bypass through the ISA and out to the internet so I can establish the VPN. The site admin is not familiar with ISA other than configuring internet explorer proxy setting. He had consultants do the rest and cannot assist.

Any suggestions?

Rotorblade -> RE: bypass ISA for VPN (13.Jul.2009 6:49:25 PM)

At the other company’s site, best option would be to setup the ASA in parallel with ISA, otherwise, you’ll need to configure ISA for VPN access.



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