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zakfleming -> Transparent proxy? (14.Jul.2009 10:59:48 AM)

I have setup an ISA box, the Server has 2 network cards. I am using the edge firewall configuration. I have configured firewall rules and traffic can happily pass through the ISA box. I have pointed the clients default gateway.

I have installed and configured Websense on the server. But it will only filter when you set the proxy address in the web browser. The setup concerned will be on a wireless network to allow students to access the internet on their personal laptops. So i cannot setup the proxy settings using group policy. I don't want to have to teach the students to setup the proxy. 

I have considered pushing a .pac file using DHCP but then you have to enable automatically discover proxy settings in IE.

I want to ability for the laptops and other WIFI devices to connect up to the wireless and have a filtered inter without any configuration changes.

Does anyone know how i can make the proxy facility in ISA available transparently like you can in a Linux solution?

Thanks for your time

richardhicks -> RE: Transparent proxy? (14.Jul.2009 1:50:20 PM)

This is a known issue with Websense content filtering software.  You'll need to perform some additional configuration on your ISA firewall to allow Websense to filter traffic from SecureNAT clients.  Take a look at my blog post on the subject:


zakfleming -> RE: Transparent proxy? (14.Jul.2009 3:14:17 PM)

Is that it? I would have thought the installer would have done that you you.

Thanks allot, i owe you one.

richardhicks -> RE: Transparent proxy? (14.Jul.2009 3:15:06 PM)

You would think...  [:D]

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