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tralsi -> how do I know whcih list is blocking? (16.Jul.2009 7:29:05 AM)

Hi All !
I am working with a college having 120 computers. I am using windows server 2003 standard edition + ISA server 2006. To avoid misuse of bandwith & internet facility available at our college , yesterday only I have downloaded the blacklist suggested from ISA (I have imorted URL sets & DNS sets)

Now one of my faculty memeber is having problem in accessing a site called
I have a few questions
(1) How do i come to know because of which list / which entry this pertyicular site is blocked ?-
(2) where can i get textlist of blacklist URLs & how to use them in ISA server2006
(3) if any of the above is not possible, how can I enable the access of the aforementioned site ?
Thnx in advance

zakfleming -> RE: how do I know whcih list is blocking? (16.Jul.2009 7:49:40 AM)

I am in a similar situation as you, a college of 1200 students and 900 computers.
I get all the URL sets you imported in a folder. Then use the search facility in adobe Dreamweaver to search for the website in the files contained in the folder. Once you found the URL set it is in then remove it from ISA.
Seems an odd way but it works.

aek033 -> RE: how do I know whcih list is blocking? (16.Jul.2009 4:08:50 PM)

It is easier to just create an allow rule and put it in front of the blocking rule.

tralsi -> RE: how do I know whcih list is blocking? (17.Jul.2009 10:18:27 AM)

I have created an access rule in allowed mode from internal network to . Kept it on the top of my rules.Applied the rule but still I was unable to visit that site.

Do i need to restart the ISA services or need to restart the server ?

pwindell -> RE: how do I know whcih list is blocking? (17.Jul.2009 12:59:29 PM)

Answers based on the original three questions.....

1. Use one blacklist per Deny Rule.  Not multiple Lists in one Rule.   The Rule applied to the "deny" will tell you what List.

2. I don't know what you are asking, sounds like to me you have already done that and are asking how to do something that you have already done.

3. Remove it from the "Set" that is used in the Rule,...or use an Allow Rule as aek033 suggested.

tralsi -> RE: how do I know whcih list is blocking? (20.Jul.2009 6:55:42 AM)

Solved !

Even after manually removing the entry i was geeting the access denied error. Later on I checked the log using filter condition n& found that whcih rule causes the access denied. It showed me deny_domain (created under domain sets) & found that in destination it showed me
then I opened the DNS black list , removved the entry using nodepad++ & voila !

it was allowing me to access the site I wanted.

Thanks buddy for all your help.


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