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myisaid -> User shared accounts (16.Jul.2009 9:30:38 PM)

Dear All:

Our ISA Server has only one single network adaptor installed. It works as a proxy server. Users who allowed to use the proxy server are grouped into a group and then grants the permission rights to that group.

The problem is that permitted users disclosed their accounts to others. I wondere if there is a way to limit single login (or single authentication) so that later logins with same account (same username/password) will be blocked.

Thanks a lot.

Dumber -> RE: User shared accounts (19.Jul.2009 1:22:12 PM)

Not where I'm aware of...
However this should be dealt by the management. Sharing userIDs and passwords can be give you more problems then this.

myisaid -> RE: User shared accounts (20.Jul.2009 3:08:02 AM)

Hi Dumber:

Thanks for your opinion but I am just an ISA administrator. I cannot challenge our management. They just wonder if there is a way to limit users' concurrent logins.

If there is other suggestion, please?

Thanks in advance.

elmajdal -> RE: User shared accounts (21.Jul.2009 10:27:25 AM)


Check this utility :

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