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aviper4u -> WPAD issue (17.Jul.2009 2:04:44 AM)


I have successfully configured WPAD on my network utilizing a Cisco based DHCP server.

It all works except for when the company's website is being accessed via a browser that is set to auto detect proxy settings it times out. All other websites work and if switched from auto to manually entered (same proxy) it all works?

What gives i don't understand this.


Rotorblade -> RE: WPAD issue (20.Jul.2009 9:35:17 AM)


What gives is that you need to configure ISA to "bypass" internal web server requests. With using the WPAD and "Auto Detect", you need to configure the ISA's Internal Network properties; Web Browser tab and the Domains tab property pages to bypass internal requests. On the Web Browser property page, enable all three options; "bypass proxy for Web servers in this network", "Directly access computers...." and "if ISA server is unavailable...", Direct access option. Populate the "Directly access these servers or Domains" box with the URL's and IP's of servers that you want to bypass. Make sure you have all of your Internal Domains listed on the "Domains" property pages. 



aviper4u -> RE: WPAD issue (20.Jul.2009 11:23:43 PM)


What gives is your exactly right.

Found it out yesterday after looking into options in more detail.


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