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zakfleming -> Publishing Protocols Not Working (17.Jul.2009 7:03:14 PM)


I am currently playing round with ISA Server, i have only ever used it to control outgoing traffic. I want to publish ports but i am having problems. I have followed these instructions but it isn't going as planned.

When i create a publishing rule to the local ISA box it works perfectly, i can VNC and RDP from the outside. But when i change the rule to point to another server on my LAN it doesn't work. The default rule blocks the connection. I am at a lost as to why this is happening.

Can someone help please?


IanC -> RE: Publishing Protocols Not Working (18.Jul.2009 10:23:29 AM)


A couple of things to look at:

- Make sure the default gateway of the published server points to the ISA server or, if this isn't possible, change the rule so that Requests appear to come from the ISA Server computer.
- If the relationship from Internal-External is Route rather than NAT then be sure to connect to the IP address of the published server itself rather than ISA's external interface.


zakfleming -> RE: Publishing Protocols Not Working (20.Jul.2009 9:42:17 AM)


I forgot about the DG


IanC -> RE: Publishing Protocols Not Working (20.Jul.2009 10:28:35 AM)

No problem.  Glad you got it working.


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