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Geeg -> Quick Easyish Question (17.Jul.2009 9:51:29 PM)

I have to publish several Email domains behind a single isa 2006 server. I need (want) each of the domains to have their own OWA site, and secured email capabilities. Should the ISA server be in a workgroup of it's own, and have LDAPS connections to each of the DCs?

The layout that I am going with is an ISA server which will protect several individual machines which will all be running as DCs, CAs for their domain, and Exchange servers all on one box. They are all VMs on a very beefy server. Will it be OK for all of the internal VMs to be on the same subnet? What sort of special considerations should I make for the ISA server?

tshinder -> RE: Quick Easyish Question (20.Aug.2009 9:29:52 AM)

To authenticate to multiple domains, LDAPS is going to be your best option.


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