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Exotic Hadron -> SQL Server 2008 SP1 WMI / RPC Service Query is Failing (10.Sep.2009 4:25:11 AM)

Hello gentlemen!

I am happy to join the ISA / TMG community here and will appreciate any helping.

I have ISA Server 2006 SE deployed on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2. The OS is updated with all the latest hotfixes and updates.

On the same server I have deployed and running SQL Server 2008 Express Edition SP1.

Here is the difficulty I am experiencing.

1. I fire the SQL Server Configuration Manager snap-in up and click on the SQL Services node.
In the results pane I get "Requesting data from WMI provider" message:"

After that, if you press F5 to refresh the state of the snap-in, you'll get the "Call cancelled" error displayed in the results page. Immediately after that you get the “RPC Server is unavailable” message.

This message finally changes to the notorious “The remote procedure call failed” error message.
2. For the first time, if you click on the SQL Server Configuration node, you’ll get nothing in the result pane. Expanding the SQL Services node however still gets you the
I checked to see if I could query some classes via WMI using the WMIC and PowerShell’s gwmi cmdlet and both worked fine.
I tried this:
wmic useraccount list
wmic os
both returned results.

Also, I tried this
gwmi win32_operating system
gwmi win32_service | select-object name, description | convertto-html | out-
file c:\test.html
Both queries worked fine.

The ISA infrastructure topology is the Edge firewall. External network NIC adapter is set to retrieve its IP address from my ISP’s DHCP Server. (I configured ISA Server to allow inbound DHCP broadcast traffic from my ISP to my External network).

I created a custom RPC rule that allows outbound RPC (all interfaces) protocol from Localhost to Localost. I opened ports from 1025 through 5000.
I even tried to disable RSS and TCP offloading on all of my NICs by adding this to my registry
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

All to no avail. In fact adding these parameters did it all even worse. Routing traffic via ISA proxy stopped… Luckily that was my test environment so I get this fixed by reverting to the previous state.
I wonder why is SQL failing querying WMI? Could it be so that it ISA isn’t a culprit and the root cause lies somewhere deep inside the SQL?
The thing is, I wish to use SQL Server 2008 SP1 instead of the MSDE 2000 shipped with ISA originally. To test it out, I deployed the Express edition. And, it’s not working…
Could someone please suggest something that would shed some light on the problem?

Jason Jones -> RE: SQL Server 2008 SP1 WMI / RPC Service Query is Failing (10.Sep.2009 6:06:36 AM)

I would leave ISA alone and remove SQL Server from the server. Leaving the default MSDE instance is fine.

If you want SQL logging, I would install this on a remote box and then configure ISA for SQL logging.



Exotic Hadron -> RE: SQL Server 2008 SP1 WMI / RPC Service Query is Failing (10.Sep.2009 7:18:34 AM)

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, I plan doing so in production. On a testbed system, I would like to prepare ISA for deployment and get it all aligned so that it would be possible to figure it out what could quirk.

The way I need SQL 2008 is optimization and ease of use. First of all, compression techniques give you a clear benefit. Plus, we already host some non-performance pro DBs on this server and I would love to reuse excess resources.

MSDE 2000 is not bad but it sounds well like running your new Flying Spur (the ISA Server) on top of your granny's Fordor.

Why do you recommend deploying SQL to a standalone server? Just for performance sake. Or are there any reasons for that?

Thank you.

steve6341 -> RE: SQL Server 2008 SP1 WMI / RPC Service Query is Failing (7.Jan.2010 11:24:37 PM)

I am having the same problem on a machine with the same configuration. Did anyone ever find a solution to this (other than running SQL on a different box)?

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