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filipemcn -> VPN in SBS 2003 Issue (10.Sep.2009 5:42:58 PM)

I have a very intermittent problem with VPN in SBS2003 SP1 and ISA Server 2004 (SP3):

This is watt happens:
I have a remote user connecting with SBS 2003 via VPN and sometimes the connection stalls. The connection is not dropped neither on the side of the client, neither on the side of the server, but the communication to either side seizes to exist. The regularity of the problem is completely random: I have seen happening immediately after establishing connection, some minutes after, half an hour after, or not at all for hours. VPN type is PPTP. If the drop the connection manually and then reconnect back again it always connects again with success.
SBS has a two NICs setup. The NICs drivers are updated. Checksum offloading is disabled in registry. The external NIC is connected to ADSL that support PPTP VPN Server but it his disabled. The VPN connection has no performance issues (I considered MTU modifications, but those always seem to relate to performance issues or failure to connect).
To this point I was not able to catch any error message related to this matter. Not in the server not in the client.
At my location (not the remote worker location), I can also feel the same problem. All ADSL routers involved are Drayteks in latest firmware versions. (I already contacted Draytek, and does not seem a problem with their equipments.)
The client S.O. is XP (at my location and at the remote worker’s location).
What can I do? This issue is driving me mad.

Best regards, Filipe

paulo.oliveira -> RE: VPN in SBS 2003 Issue (11.Sep.2009 4:30:39 PM)


is this happens when only one user connects to ISA VPN?

Paulo Oliveira.

filipemcn -> RE: VPN in SBS 2003 Issue (12.Sep.2009 3:23:15 PM)

No it does not. In my tests I can be connected and having communications problems not affecting the remote user.


paulo.oliveira -> RE: VPN in SBS 2003 Issue (14.Sep.2009 11:31:27 AM)


check this: http://blogs.isaserver.org/pouseele/2007/06/17/multiple-pptp-vpn-clients-behind-a-nat-device/

Paulo Oliveira.

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