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Message -> website reditrects not working (17.Sep.2009 3:03:24 AM)

HI. I have an interesting situation. I have multiple http and https web publishing rules for multiple sites. All of them work fine. I have a third party application "isapi rewrite" that redirects all my ur's to one specific url. I.E is redirected to

However, this does not seem to work and it looks like the isa firewall is the culprit. When i use a different firewall and just publish port 80 the redirect works fine but when using ISA the website url is not changed in my browser although i can surf the site fine. This is messing with my reporting because now my reporting is whong two reports, one for www. and one without for the domain. Is their a way of doing this redirect on the isa publishing rule? I am temporarily using asp code to do a redirect but this is not ideal. thanks for any input. morne.

Jason Jones -> RE: website reditrects not working (17.Sep.2009 4:12:46 AM)

You can create a deny rule and use the "Redirect HTTP requests to this Web page" field under the Action tab.


JJ -> RE: website reditrects not working (17.Sep.2009 6:20:04 AM)

Hi JJ. How would I go about creating this rule. a simple deny rule wont work.

yeskaygee1 -> RE: website reditrects not working (17.Sep.2009 9:11:29 AM)

A simple deny rule will work.
Create a publishing rule for publishing Instead of "Allow" select "Deny". In the Actions tab enable 'Redirect https requests to this webpage' and give the URL

Karthigeyan -> RE: website reditrects not working (18.Sep.2009 2:31:50 AM)

HI. Thanks to yeskaygee1 and Jason Jones.

The deny rule works perfectly, even where a single rule redirects multiple sites to a single site.

Although this solution works fine I am worried that now we have to have two rules for each site, a rule publishing the site and a rule redirecting the site. I would have though that the redirection could e handled on the publishing rule. maybe a new feature for microsoft to give us in the next release.

Thanks again for your excellent assistance in this regard.


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