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modather -> blocking teamviewer (27.Sep.2009 5:50:03 PM)

I did not find Teamviewer Signature
H ow Ican block teamviewer ??

richardhicks -> RE: blocking teamviewer (28.Sep.2009 12:26:02 AM)

I'm not familiar with Teamviewer at all, but if it uses ports other than 80 and/or 443 you can simply block that traffic (or not allow it in the first place and let the default deny rule drop it).  If it uses port 80 you will need to use a protocol analyzer (e.g. Network Monitor or Wireshark) and observe the traffic for something unique to the communication that you can filter on (most often this is the user-agent request header).  If it uses port 443 you will need to employ a third-party filter to perform forward SSL inspection (on ISA, TMG will include this by default).

modather -> RE: blocking teamviewer (29.Sep.2009 9:59:06 AM)

I can not find signature of team viewer , kindly help me

Application name  :
Location :
HTTP header :
Signature :


pierreasdf -> RE: blocking teamviewer (26.Oct.2009 11:40:57 AM)

We have blocked this here:

- signature containing 'DynGate' (HTTP Header, User-Agent)
- url containing 'dyngate' (just to make sure ...)
- domain (to prevent acces to the Web access method at

Hope this help.

johnsmith12 -> RE: blocking teamviewer (19.Jul.2010 6:13:33 PM)

I'm in the same boat.  But mine situation is to allow a one way connection.  I want my folks to be able to control the customer's PC to assist the customer in fixing their problem. 

Teamviewer, in my opinion, is a good/light application to use.  But not being able to control the traffic is a problem for us.

markobgd2002 -> RE: blocking teamviewer (26.Jul.2010 6:39:45 AM)


I've try all I could find on the net. This is what I have done:

I've made address range from -

and New rule where I've denied access  from all networks to this address range, and it works OK. I'm not getting ID and PASS when I open Teamviewer!

If someone have better idea, I'm open for conversation.

lsjames -> RE: blocking teamviewer (27.Dec.2010 11:12:33 PM)

please read this

you can block teamviewer by port and urls.

faen -> RE: blocking teamviewer (28.Mar.2011 12:40:46 PM)

hi do not speak English, I solved it as follows:
in the navigation rule with a exceptions add a url set:
http:// *. / *
http:// *. / *
so far has worked.

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