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pavel00 -> McAfee Security Shield + download (6.Oct.2009 9:54:17 AM)

I installed ISA 2004 with SP3 and McAfee Security Shield 1 with SP5, virus scanning on ISA is enabled. When I try to download files from from HTTP sites (e.g.  .DAT from ) with MSIE 7, the content of downloaded file is displayed as ASCII text - explorer doesn't offer saving the file. Mozilla Firefox downloads files. Download from FTP servers is OK. The problem doesn't depend on the size of downloaded file.
When I disable WEB proxy filter ( ISA console - Configuration - Add-ins - Web Proxy Filter ), download runs correctly.
When WEB proxy filter on ISA is enabled and virus scanning on McAfee console is disabled , download fails. The problem is probably related to headers ...
Thanks for help.

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