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RupAnd -> FTP through ISA 2006 (6.Oct.2009 11:28:05 AM)


I have a filezilla FTP server/Windows 2003 r2 publisehd through ISA server 2006/Windows 2003 r2.

The problem is that when uploading a lots of small files to the FTP server the sessions halts after a number of files uploaded and after around 30 seconds - error messages depends on application. One application says '425 Can't open data connection'.

When uploading large files of 200 mb in size and upwards, there is no problems.

I have tried to recreate the problem using another machine placed on the same subnet as the FTP server, but everything went fine, so the problem seems to be nailed to the ISA server.

Is there anyone out there ..... who knows whats wrong?

Rotorblade -> RE: FTP through ISA 2006 (6.Oct.2009 12:20:33 PM)

Hard to say; what's showing in ISA montoring and logging? Have you R/O a Windows OS/third party Firewall issue on the client?


RupAnd -> RE: FTP through ISA 2006 (7.Oct.2009 4:16:29 AM)

ISA montitoring just tells that a FTP session is opening from client to ftp server and nothing more.

On the client windows firewall is enabled, but:

1. Large files is uploaded without problems
2. Even when disabling windows firewall the probelm with small files persist.

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