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corolian -> WLM's signatures (13.Oct.2009 9:20:48 AM)

hey guys, I need to allow Windows Live Messenger's text chat to pass thru but block its file transfer, webcam and voice. I know the ports but that would be inefficient if MS changed its versions so i think i should go by signature. Is there any way to detect the signature of the activities or can i get them from somewhere to block them? thanks

lsjames -> RE: WLM's signatures (12.Jun.2010 11:53:20 PM)

Windows live messenger use tcp 1863, tcp 80 and tcp 443.
To block windows live messenger, please read this topic.

Jason Jones -> RE: WLM's signatures (13.Jun.2010 6:37:21 PM)

Follow this approach to determine the User Agent property:


or you could read this [;)]




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