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Ben79 -> Help to setup OWA and iPhone (19.Oct.2009 9:05:35 AM)


I have been searching for some information how to setup OWA. I have found some threads as well as guides about OWA, however I cannot find any guides regarding setting up policys for iPhones.

At the moment we have an ISA Server 2006, but we are not using it since I can't figure out how to setup OWA as well as active sync properly So we are using a standard router, opened port 443 and voila OWA and iPhones users are happy.

My fear is to ruin all with settings in ISA/IIS and not be able to revoke them.

So does anyone have any good guides for Small Business Server 2003 OWA/iPhone and ISA?



Ben79 -> RE: Help to setup OWA and iPhone (26.Oct.2009 2:53:10 AM)

Got Active Sync to work with iPhone now.
It was a problem with the web listner.

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