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Spike15 -> Weird RPC over HTTPS Problem (21.Oct.2009 3:39:44 PM)

I recently migrated my Exchange 2007 SP1 RU9 from Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 64-bit, to Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 64-bit...since then I've been having nothing but problems.

I've been trying to fix this for 11 hours, I think I'm finally getting somewhere, but that last piece of the puzzle is eluding me.  I'm pretty sure that the problem rests with ISA though.

My external domain is, internal is leahyemail.leahy.local.

If I navigate (internally) to https://leahyemail.leahy.local/rpc, I get a pop-up for authentication.  Type my domain username and password, and I get a blank screen.

I check the IIS 7 logs, I can see myself accessing the virtual directory, I can see a 200 status code being returned.

If I navigate to, I get the ISA form for authentication.  I authenticate (same domain username and password) and I get Error Code 64: Host not available.

If I go into the IIS 7 logs however, I can see:

A GET request from (ISA) authenticated as the credentials I provided, to (LeahyEMail) for "/rpc".

The weirdest part about this, is that IIS 7 shows that it was status code 200 - OK.

If I actually try and connect with Outlook Anywhere, I get the pop-up for credentials, enter them, there's a waiting period, and then it tells me that Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Hitting "Retry" just causes the same prompt to pop up immediately.

If I log into ISA, open Internet Explorer, and try and go to https://leahyemail.leahy.local/rpc, and authenticate myself...

...I connect fine...I get the blank screen.

>_> Some help here?

By the way, OWA works perfectly, Exchange Server ActiveSync works perfectly.  Incoming / outgoing e-mails works perfectly, all other ISA publishing rules work perfectly.

Outlook Anywhere (with this configuration) worked perfectly under 2003, it's only the recent migration to 2008 that has broken it...

Spike15 -> RE: Weird RPC over HTTPS Problem (21.Oct.2009 4:00:53 PM)

Also, if I try and ACTUALLY use Outlook Anywhere, and look at the logs, ISA shows the usual 64s and 10054s, but the one connection marked as a success is the following:


Its status is "503 Service Unavailable".

I can see each of these calls as 2 lines in the IIS 7 logs:

2009-10-21 19:50:11 fe80::f56c:638f:32fd:e0ba%10 RPC_IN_DATA /rpc/rpcproxy.dll LeahyEMail.leahy.local:593 80 - fe80::f56c:638f:32fd:e0ba%10 MSRPC 403 4 5 0
2009-10-21 19:50:11 fe80::f56c:638f:32fd:e0ba%10 RPC_OUT_DATA /rpc/rpcproxy.dll LeahyEMail.leahy.local:593 80 - fe80::f56c:638f:32fd:e0ba%10 MSRPC 403 4 5 0

"leahydc.leahy.local" is a domain controller, its IP is, I can confirm that the Exchange server is able to resolve it properly.

fe80::f56c:638f:32fd:e0ba%10 is the IPv6 address of the Exchange server.

Jason Jones -> RE: Weird RPC over HTTPS Problem (21.Oct.2009 6:19:42 PM)




Spike15 -> RE: Weird RPC over HTTPS Problem (22.Oct.2009 6:36:58 PM)


ORIGINAL: Jason Jones




Thanks, that fixed the problem right up.

I had seen that mentioned in several places, but it promised that it was fixed in RU4 (I'm running RU9 as I mentioned).

I even went so far as to try it, and it didn't fix the problem because the permissions on my /rpc/ virtual directory were FUBAR.

Thanks again!

Jason Jones -> RE: Weird RPC over HTTPS Problem (22.Oct.2009 7:24:30 PM)

Cool [:)]

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