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tallfellar -> :D 70-351 Passed! (30.Oct.2009 1:58:22 PM)

Ok all wow that was a nasty exam but I passed. [:D] No I will not give questions away but I will give a heads up on the exam.

Cache, VPN, and Arrays especially Inter array functionality a little rules but if you dont know your rules you really should not even be considering studing anything untill you get them... the most simple part of the exam.

Study "details"... really in the exam out of 47 questions 30 of them were really detailed questions on specifics of functionality, only got about 3 questions which were click here to make this work and the rest were just plain lests trick you... READ the question carefully then read the answers more carefully, when you read the answers offered properly some of the seem realistic enough until you realise that they deliberality made a really dumb mistake in them. I found you could pretty much remove 2 of the answers offered each time this way. But still I say again... Know what ISA can do, not much on how to do it.

This was my exam and please remember every exam is different... or so they say.

I hope this helps anyone out there planning on writing and GL.


PS I ended up wring 2006 not 04 ISA

jpalmer -> RE: :D 70-351 Passed! (30.Oct.2009 2:30:33 PM)


Quick question:
"But still I say again... Know what ISA can do, not much on how to do it. "

Are you saying to have an idea of the functionality, but you don't specifically need to know how to configure the functionality?

As an example, you have the general idea of what web publishing is, are you saying I won't need to know how to configure it?

I haven't taken the exam yet, but I've heard you need to know how to configure it as well.

tallfellar -> RE: :D 70-351 Passed! (3.Nov.2009 6:18:59 PM)

No what I am saying is that I had very little config questions and lots of detailed functionally questions. What you may get may be different just understand what they will ask will be specific and expect a detailed knowledge of the area you will be asked. Spend lots of time doing labs and getting to know arrays. Lots of questions even though no directly about arrays they did phrase them with arrays and as there are a few subtle differences between standard and enterprise you can get tricked here

Hope this helps

tshinder -> RE: :D 70-351 Passed! (14.Nov.2009 12:59:09 PM)

I agree. Get to using a good variety of scenarios with ISA and Arrays.

Web proxy
Web publishing
Web proxy clients
Firewall clieints
Site to site VPN
Server publishing
Networking -- ISA Firewall Networks and network rules
Protocols and Access Rules

Try all this and more in the lab -- you'll run into problems that you'll need to look up and that's how you learn about the product and how it works.


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