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SJWS -> FTP Site access issue (5.Nov.2009 3:47:05 AM)


Think I'm posting in the correct forum but feel free to correct me.

I have a SBS2K3 server that has been installed and operational for a couple of years. The server is fully patched. All clients are XP Pro, fully patched. The client needs access to a FTP site upload details on to their website. The requirement has been met and been working fine since the server was installed. Recently they started having an issue accessing the FTP site. I have been able to access the site by prefixing the FTP server address with the username and password in the format ftp://username:password@ftpServername. This brings up the FTP root page but the page is blank. I have a W2K server that is used as a TS for a branch office and when I launch the FTP server url on that machine the FTP folder page comes up no problem.I have accessed the FTP url from both the client XP PC and the W2K TS whilst running a query on the ISA server and no errors are reported for either instance, it's just that the client PC comes up blank. Input would be much appreciated.

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