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mrcosmo -> GFI Webmonitor (23.Nov.2009 4:35:23 AM)

Hi all,
i use gfiwebmonitor to monitor the webusage of our users.
But since last week it collects the data but it wont show the users info, just the ip adress. anyone know why?
for example it showed user names before.

I also see this with the reports isaerver2004 generates, so could be the same problem.

anyone can help ?


paulo.oliveira -> RE: GFI Webmonitor (23.Nov.2009 8:05:34 AM)


maybe this can help:

Paulo Oliveira.

mrcosmo -> RE: GFI Webmonitor (5.Mar.2010 4:53:31 AM)

Hi Paulo,

thx for the link but when i try to copy the dll file to the installation directory it already exist...... maybe a colleague of mine did this already.
is there a way to test? becuase i still see only ip adresses within my gfw webmonitor any other sollution ?

paulo.oliveira -> RE: GFI Webmonitor (6.Mar.2010 10:18:18 AM)


have you registered the .dll?

Paulo Oliveira.

mrcosmo -> RE: GFI Webmonitor (8.Mar.2010 4:11:10 AM)

Yes i registerd the dll and rebooted the isaserver.
but still i only see ip adresses in my logs
how can we troubleshoot this ?

mrcosmo -> RE: GFI Webmonitor (22.Apr.2010 3:53:28 AM)

anyone who uses this tool and identifys the problem ?

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