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strikingknife -> Filtering File Uploads (21.Dec.2009 4:46:39 AM)


In ISA 2006 is it possible to block the html file uploads for certain file extensions. ?

For example, i dont want users to upload files in thier webmail and other website with file extensions .exe, .tz and i want to allow only files with extensions like .txt, .doc.

Thanks in advance

Jason Jones -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (21.Dec.2009 5:16:18 AM)

You should be able to apply a HTTP filtering policy to outbound web access rules for that file type...



strikingknife -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (21.Dec.2009 8:25:47 PM)

Hi JJ,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Just a quick check, the configuration stated in technet is for ISA 2004, is it the same for ISA 2006 as well ? . I dont have previous experinece in ISA, pls dont mistake my question.

Kindly advise,

Jason Jones -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (22.Dec.2009 5:40:36 AM)

Yeah, same concepts for ISA2k6; I don't think they bothered to update the versioning.

Shout if you get stuck...



lsjames -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (5.Feb.2010 7:58:39 AM)

When i add ".EXE" in Extensions. Users can not download .exe files from website, but they still can upload .exe files in their webmail.

Jason Jones -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (5.Feb.2010 8:12:35 AM)

It depends on how the webmail applications works I guess...

lsjames -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (5.Feb.2010 9:05:39 AM)

I think Extensions filtering is only match URL.
If you add ".EXE" to extensions tab, users can not download
But when users upload ".exe" file, the URL is not ended with ".exe". So users still can upload their files.

lsjames -> RE: Filtering File Uploads (7.Feb.2010 2:51:36 AM)

I used another software called active wall to solve this problem. Thank you.

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