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afterburn -> SQL Replication, Netbios denied (21.Jan.2010 8:34:12 AM)

I have been trying to get an external and internal SQL 2008 server to replicate; the issue is that the Linked Server related to it fails because it can not resolve the netbios name.

I need help getting ISA to allow SQL to communicate together from a specified source only to an internal source with SQL protocol and Netbios.

I have created a rule to allow netbios through but it fails never the less.

Jason Jones -> RE: SQL Replication, Netbios denied (21.Jan.2010 8:49:33 AM)

You probably need to configure each server with approprite LMHOSTS files, as you cannot rely on broadcast traffic.



afterburn -> RE: SQL Replication, Netbios denied (21.Jan.2010 9:04:51 AM)

I made an entry in both LMHOST files and still get denied

x.x.x.x RemoteServerName #PRE

Still denied in ISA 2004 monitoring

afterburn -> RE: SQL Replication, Netbios denied (21.Jan.2010 9:44:42 AM)

Ok, so i got the LMHOST file working correctly; i can resolve the name now.

However traffic still tries to come in on Port 138 from that machine and is being denied.

anyone know how to resolve this one?

afterburn -> RE: SQL Replication, Netbios denied (21.Jan.2010 2:12:18 PM)

Has anyone got Transaction Merge or Linked Server working throught ISA 2004?

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