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darusdp -> IP address in Destination Name (r-host) column of ISA log (11.Feb.2010 2:52:30 PM)

We are running ISA 2006 Std SP1 (Version 5.0.5723.493). For some users (minority) the log records for their usage (web log) has the IP address of the destination host instead of the Destination (resolved) Name; the r-host field. The IP address that doesn't resolve to a name for some users is resolved for most user. We have been unable to determine the cause. Since it is for only certain users we think it might be a client browser and proxy setting issue. In searching many other sources we have found no one else having this issue. This is not an issue of the IP address in the URL field which the often mentioned HostLogger DLL fixes. We tried that utility and it didn't fix our specific problem.

In comparing two users, one with the problem and one not, both are using MS-IE 7.0 and as far as we can tell the proxy settings are the same.

Any help is appreciated.

dsy -> RE: IP address in Destination Name (r-host) column of ISA log (11.Mar.2010 9:50:04 AM)

Yes, it is a proxy setting issue: if the browser does not have the TMG/ISA proxy enabled then you may lost the destination host name in the logs, only the IP address is written.

Tired of seeing IP addresses in your ISA Log's URL column? For Proxy clients that use SecureNAT, and Firewall Clients that cannot use the "automatic configuration" setting, ISA records each URL as an IP address only. LogHostname seamlessly integrates into the ISA 2004/2006 logging facility and shows the complete URL as entered in the client's web browser.  

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