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EDPSTR -> 2 IP on the External NIC (19.Feb.2010 3:56:45 AM)

Hi all,have an ISA Server 2006 STD edition.

My network configuration consists of

Internet <-> ISA Server <-> LAN

My ISA Server has the External NIC with 2 IPs on the same subnet because I've to publish an hw equipment on the second IP, and only 1 IP on the Internal NIC.

Now all my internal PCs and my HW equipment goes out with the same IP of the external NIC.

I'd like to know if there is any way to force the HW equipment to use the second IP of the External NIC to go to internet.

Best regards

pwindell -> RE: 2 IP on the External NIC (19.Feb.2010 5:00:02 PM)

No.  It is not possible,...and it does not matter.  The second IP# is for inbound traffic only,...it is not for outbound (and never will be).   It will work just fine the way it is,...if it does become a problem then you will have to publish it from the Primary IP#.  You can publish multiple things from the same IP# as long as the port numbers do not conflict.  Far too often people add more IP#s the the external nic of the ISA when they simply do not need to.

sucheta -> RE: 2 IP on the External NIC (27.Mar.2015 7:34:03 AM)

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