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toxicrainpx -> ISA2004 Port Problem (19.Feb.2010 7:23:23 AM)

Dear Forum Users,
  Someone ask me to open 2 ports on ISA 2004 Standard (8888 and 4443) to access a site that uses that ports. Then I have created a rule, that allows that ports from a specific machine to a specific URL and I put the rule almost on top of the list. When I access the site, the ISA uses my rule but it gives me an error :


Failed Connection Attempt
xxxxxxxx 19-02-2010 12:12:27

Log type: Web Proxy (Forward)

Status: 10060 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.


Source: Internal ( INTERNALIP)

Destination: External ( EXTERNALIP:8888)

Request: GET http://URL.COM:8888/BLABLABLA/

Filter information: Req ID: 27facd3b

Protocol: http

Can some one help me one that ?

Rotorblade -> RE: ISA2004 Port Problem (19.Feb.2010 10:06:31 AM)



It's http://URL.COM/BLABLABLA:8888

There could be other issues as well depending on client access and your ISA setup but using the correct syntax is a good start. For SSL traffic you will need to extend the Tunnel port range for the alternate port.



toxicrainpx -> RE: ISA2004 Port Problem (22.Feb.2010 7:53:22 AM)

Hi RB,
That was my first solution. I had that tool (ISATpre) installed because I needed last time I need to create a SSL port diferent than 443, but it doesn't work anyway. Do you have any Idea? Thanks for your help.

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