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tshinder -> UAG DirectAccess Troubleshooting Tip (8.Mar.2010 10:41:10 AM)

I've gone through dozens of UAG DA labs now, and there's one thing that I often forget that makes it look like things aren't working. What's that missing step?

When you go through the UAG DA wizard, at the end you create the GPOs and then the GPOs are deployed to the domain. You get the impression that it's all done and you close the console.

The problem is that you're not done! You have to activate the configuration so that the IPv6 configuration is applied to the DA server. Then you can close the console if you like.

Also, if you're in a hurry, I recommend that you run a gpupdate /force on the UAG DA server before moving on, just to make sure that the GPO settings are applied to the DA server. Just doing that will save you a lot of time :)


xcfrrdvd -> RE: UAG DirectAccess Troubleshooting Tip (27.Feb.2012 3:33:15 AM)

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