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marek1 -> ISA server 2006 WEB Proxy problem (10.Apr.2010 7:58:05 AM)


please can anyone help me with issue with web proxy?

1. I have single NIC adapter ISA server 2006 SP1, which is connected to switch and other servers are also connected to this switch. ISA shoud work only as proxy server + monitoring to Internet access for users. In front of the switch is HW Firewall. All users should goes to internet via ISA server but if they want to go I have this error message :

Technical Information (for support personnel)
Error Code 12206: Proxy chain loop
Background: The gateway has detected a proxy chain loop. This condition might indicate a configuration problem on a proxy server.

2. I have on ISA NOD antivirus and the NOD is not able to update
virus database, how I have to create new access rule for updating
the NOD database ?

Please help.

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