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palbrecht -> Win 7 ISA Client problem (14.Apr.2010 10:49:45 AM)

Hi, I have been trying to get this to work for a while now. I have a W2K domain network and a W2K proxy server. I have a mixed environment of PC's form a NT4 to a couple of WIN 7 machines. Everyone connects through the proxy good using the latest ISA client. That is all except one Win 7 Pro machinge. I am able to join the domain with it fine. Then the problems start. Sometimes I can see the domain PC's and sometimes not. If I map a network drive this it works no matter what. But even when I can see the network servers and PC the ISA client will not authenticate to the proxy server. If I put in the IP address and click on the test button it just sits there forever checking, if I use the server name it immediately comes back and says server not found. I can ping the servers by name or IP address no problem. If I configure IE to use the proxy server in the connections tab it works by both IP and Name. One odd thing is that IE will not keep this setting, usually this happens if you close IE and reopen it, it always happens on a reboot. My other Win 7 machine works fine. I am at a loss any help would be gratefully accepted. Is it possible this machine has a virus blocking somehting?

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